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Franke of Switzerland is the world's foremost kitchen sink manufacturer and renowned for a commitment to quality and an unmistakable flair for design, using the finest materials and state-of-the-art production technology. By adopting a policy of investment in innovation and technology, Franke has established their position as the largest stainless steel sink manufacturer in the world and a leading name in kitchen taps, ceramic and Fragranite sinks.

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Different kitchens place different demands on a sink, so Franke's precision-engineered materials have individual character and unique benefits. From the latest trends to traditional favourites, there will be a sink to fit your lifestyle and personal tastes. Choose from models in stainless steel, ceramic, glass or Fragranite - Franke's exeptionally tough granite material.

Minerva Hot Water Tap

With kitchen design playing a key role in home improvement, the future of the kitchen has arrived with the introduction of boiling water taps. The Franke Minerva Boiling Water Tap offers hot, cold and instant boiling water to save time, energy and water in one stylish, convenient and space-saving unit.


Homeowners can now cook vegetables, create pasta dishes and make tea quicker than ever before with time spent on basic kitchen preparation now eliminated by the delivery of 100°c boiling water at point of use instantly. One of the many benefits of instant boiling water is that it is much more energy efficient than a kettle by ensuring only the water required is used, greatly reducing waste and creating savings in water and electricity.


Unlike many other boiling water taps which still require separate hot and cold taps, the use of one unit to provide hot, cold and boiling water ensures a sleek design to complement your kitchen perfectly, saving worktop space. The Franke Minerva Boiling Water Tap can be fitted from new or retrospectively and requires a standard 35mm tap hole. The unique hot water tank also neatly fits behind a standard 150mm cabinet plinth helping to save precious space in kitchen cupboards.


An insulated spout and operating handle ensures the tap does not become too hot during use and is fitted with a childproof control which requires a push and turn action to operate and allow the boiling water to be activated; when this button is released the boiling water automatically cuts off. As the tap is mounted onto the sink or work surface, this will also reduce the worry of boiling water spillage from using a movable kettle.


The Franke Minerva Boiling Water Tap is designed to revolutionise time spent in the kitchen, so there is more time for dining with loved ones and enjoying life instead. Time is precious, so why waste it?

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The Franke tap range is a technically and aesthetically advanced collection offering a wide choice to suit every style of kitchen. Designed for a discerning clientele these taps have many features including pull-out spray nozzles, perlators and directional nozzles. For those of you that want your tap to go that little bit further, then Franke's multi-tasking taps are for you. Franke pioneered these taps and today, their beautifully designed range of FilterFlow models, are considered the blueprint for taps which dispense hot, cold and filtered water.

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