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1 Pers 1 & lead DSC_0950 20171129_120619 DSC_0814 Hodgkinson 1 Cullen 2 1 Clark 1 20170310_093520 DSC_01 IMG-20170201-WA0002


Garda White & Rough Cut Oak

1909 Shaker Partridge Grey & Slate

Garda Cashmere & Rough Cut Oak

Remo Gloss Alabaster

Newlands Porcelain Nature

Remo Gloss White

Remo Gloss Beige & Gloss Graphite

Fitzroy Porcelain

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Butcher 1 (Lead)

Remo Gloss Cashmere

1909 Partridge Grey & Cornflower Blue

Fitzroy Porcelain

Pers 1

Milbourne Stone

DSC_0993 (2)

Mornington Partridge Grey & Graphite


Garda Cashmere & Rough Cut Oak

Lead Lead Lead Pers Lead Pers

Remo Gloss Dove Grey

Remo Matt Dove Grey & Matt Graphite

Fitzroy Stone

Mornington Beaded Stone

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1 2 3 4 5

Garda Cashmere & Rough Cut Oak

Mornington Porcelain & Dust Grey

We understand that many of the pictures in brochures or magazines don't relate to the rooms in our own homes. Therefore we have developed this page to show you some of the real kitchens and bedrooms that we have recently installed. We are very proud of the work that we do and will regularly update this page to reflect the latest colour trends and design ideas.

Recent Projects